Executive Summary

Malaysia Trading House Africa (Pty) Ltd ("MTHA") is an International trading agency with a bespoke platform that brings buyers and sellers together. We have an extensive distribution network across Africa and Asia and have the resources to initiate market research on your behalf. MTHA is seen by the African and Asian markets as a provider of quality products from both regions. To the Asian Exporters, Manufacturers and Distributors, MTHA is viewed as an alternative marketer, distributor and agency for their products. We will be their ears, eyes and mouthpiece into the African Continent. For the African manufacturers and suppliers, MTHA is the trading partner to penetrate the Asian market for their products.

Our Founder and Director of MTHA, Mr. Wan Omar Khan Bin Wan Othman, is a Malaysian citizen permanently residing in South Africa since 1991. Over the years, Mr Wan Omar Khan has been working closely with The Malaysian High Commission in South Africa, the Malaysian External Trade Development Agency (MATRADE) and Tourism Malaysia. During his residence in South Africa and through his exposure to international bilateral trade assistance between the two countries, business consulting, international product promotion and trade missions, the idea to create MTHA was borne in 2009. Together with our professional board of directors, which includes Mr Veeral Ranchod, MTHA has the track record, expertise and necessary experience to assist with any of our client's product expansion into various markets.

Our main differentiator will be in our market intelligence, distribution and marketing strategies in both Africa and Asia. The market intelligence and in depth knowledge of the African and Asian markets will guide us into advising our Asian and African clients into the best market penetration strategy for their specific product. We will leverage our strong links in Africa and Asia to create marketing programs to drive demand for our client's products/solutions at the corporate level. Through our knowledge of the respective economic/political landscape of both regions we are able to advise our clients into the best approach going forward.

As our strategy is to infiltrate Africa and Asia by using South Africa and Malaysia as the focal point of our operations- MTHA with our Head Office in Cape Town, South Africa and in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.


Servicing and promoting Entrepreneurs and Enterprises from Asia and Africa whilst building a reputation of being the preferred link between African and Malaysian trade.


To position MTHA as the pre-imminent trading partner to Africa and Asia.

The Opportunity

The Malaysia Trading House Africa (MTHA) has identified the need for an aggressive sales driven Africa/Asia trading house. Where others have failed or achieved substandard sales by bringing their products between those two regions, MTHA will prosper by adopting a different approach. We will be a facilitator, agent, distributor of all products from Asia/Africa. Our main advantage in our services is direct secured trading and logistic links in Africa and Asia.

However, unlike those before us who took products to the market, we will rather match the markets needs to the products from our clients. After we rack up sales through our initiatives and business networks, through MTHA and our clients products we will fulfilling the market needs, then we will cross-sell products chosen by us from the pool of African and Asian companies to these same markets thereby increasing their market's exposure. This approach will cement our position in the market and set the platform to infiltrate the rest of Africa and Asia.

Our income will be derived from the sales commission agreed with all our clients. Our goal is to eventually become the sole agents/distributors for the African/Asian products that we decide to promote between Africa and Asia. As time passes and sales increase, we are confident that this goal will be achieved.

Our Strategy

The African and Asian market is currently served inconsistently and, in some areas poorly, by a variety of international players who lack a national presence, a clear marketing strategy, and the ability to leverage corporate chain relationships. Their field sales team mainly functions as order takers, targeting only known corporate companies who they believe to be the only sources of business.

We have identified a huge challenge for companies from Africa and Asia which includes possible language barrier or lack of understanding of the client's business which could lead to a breakdown in the supply chain and the order just falls along the wayside. Our main focus would be to remedy this problem by being the local link between Africa and Asia trade and serve the customer as best we can by understanding our client's business and converting this understanding into sales of our clients products and solutions.

Our growth will not come entirely from new sales, but also from taking market share away from our competitors. The biggest growth potential we foresee will come from underserved markets like the end users of certain products. In addition to this our proactive- on the ground approach will allow us to capture and create markets that seemed impossible before without a constant Asian/African presence. We will consolidate a fragmented market by creating a regional, then national, and then an African/Asian sales channel that provides a source of competitive advantage for our client's products. One of our main channel of marketing is through our interactive bespoke website that will bring buyers and sellers together. This website will be the portal for all our products inquiries and will be used to promote our client's products globally.

Some of Our Popular Products

Beef and Poultry

At MTHAS, We source and supply quality South African products to the middle eastern markets. We ensure that only the best certified products end up on your shelves and that consumer satisfaction is top priority.

Fruit and Veg

We are able to also source specific products to your requirements and secure a sustainable supply for the consumers delight.South Africa is home to various quality sought after productlines and we are proud to offer these products to you on an ongoing basis.

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