What we do

Learn what we do, and how we do it.

  • International Bilateral Trade assistance & negotiations- We facilitate all types of international bilateral trade for companies in Africa and Asia.

  • Transactional Commodity adviser/trader- We advise, promote and market clients products into new markets.

  • Project Development & commercialization- We assist various clients with the development of their product, concept or project.

  • Market penetration/expansion- We assist with formalizing a bespoke market penetration strategy unique to each client's product or services.

  • Africa expansion-Through our extensive business and logistics partners we are able to market any product or services throughout the entire African continent.

  • Asia expansion- Through our associations with Asian governments, trade commissions and close ties to the business communities in Asia we are able to build business ties and expand any product or services quicker into Asia.

  • USA expansion- Our partners and associates globally have an extensive reach to businesses and trade opportunities within the USA, we have spent an extensive time within California researching prospective projects and sites for various business opportunities.

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  • Some of Our Popular Products

    Beef and Poultry

    At MTHAS, We source and supply quality South African products to the middle eastern markets. We ensure that only the best certified products end up on your shelves and that consumer satisfaction is top priority.

    Fruit and Veg

    We are able to also source specific products to your requirements and secure a sustainable supply for the consumers delight.South Africa is home to various quality sought after productlines and we are proud to offer these products to you on an ongoing basis.

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